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Profilo Aziendale Prodotti Imballi Qualita Contatti

T.M.I. is an Italian company specialized in dry and wet drawing of metallic wire.

       Located in Lecco, historical and well-known area for working wire and steel, the T.M.I. is proud of its forty years of experience in this activity. It extends in an area of 3000 m2, 1800 m2 dedicated to production, the remaining area is for warehousing raw materials and products. The accurate selection of suppliers and the use of only certified material, guarantee an elevate quality of the final product. The multiplicity of the own plants permit the T.M.I. to offer innumerable types of packages together with the possibility to adapt to special customer’s requirements. Recently a straightening and trimming line for bars in ferrous materials and not has been added in order to satisfy the different customer’s requests.